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Mohammed Furniturewala

Digital Strategist

Building digital strategy for corporate, consumer, and personal brands is his passion. He is our go-to resource for everything from website design to social media marketing to performance marketing. Anything and everything digital, we trust Mohammed Furniturewala aka Futurewala:)

Sunil Kumar

Everything Development

He leads our development team. He is our wizard behind every code, whether it is for a website or an app. A technical developer with expertise in leading both Agile and conventional project management principles and techniques, as well as building software development life cycle models

Seema R

Website Development

Seema has over ten years of professional experience as a full stack developer. She uses the most recent technologies, such as Xamarin Forms, MVVM, MVC, WPF, WCF, Web development, Jquery, Ajax, HTML5, etc., to create websites for us. We are aware that it is all very technical, so we don't really try to understand her.

Rasika Raghunath


Rasika is the one we turn to when we need creative thoughts. She is an expert at both static graphics and animatics. She enjoys illustrations, branding, and art. a daydreamer, a perfectionist, and a memory maker.

Wonrhoni Ngullie

Research and Strategist

Won is from the northeastern mountains. She is the one that supports all of our digital research and planning efforts. In addition to her job with MOFA, she also works as a makeup artist and assists us with our appearances:)

Megha Kothari

Content Strategist

Megha is our go-to person when we run out of words. She excels at crafting long form content for all of our clients and is a voracious reader. Her writing is fantastic, and we adore her output. Btw she is also Z TV with all rumours and news.

Mahesh Naik

3D & Graphic Design

Mahesh is the one who gives our lives a new dimension. He is an expert in graphic design and 3D. He possesses the uncommon knack for multiple skills as well as a thorough attitude to everything he does.

Taher Lakdawala

Business Development

Taher delights in discovery and travel. He is not the type of person who works in an office by sitting in front of a desktop. We evaluated him, so we now allow him to travel, with a single catch that he generate business for us.

Karthik N

SEO and Performance Marketing

Karthik lives and breathes SEO. He handles both On-Page and Off-Page SEO for all our client. He makes sure no website is hidden in the world web. When he is not working, he plays guitar for all of us.

Jimmy Warren

Business Development - UK

Jimmy is the one who manages our business in the UK and helps us generate money in GBP. He is the one who is driven by our work and who oversees a business team in the UK.

Prama Nanda

Creative Communicator

Prama is a creative communicator, passionate about branding and product promotion through different channels. She is our senior integrated marketing specialist and business strategist who has a sixth sense for producing result-driven solutions.

Nitesh Mehta

Social Media and PPC

Nitesh is our media planning expert. He has assisted us in executing PPC campaigns across an array of sectors and geographies. He also enjoys social media and oversees our clients' communities.

Viabhav Kelkar


Vaibhav takes care of making the user experience intuitive. engaging and exciting. When he is not in office, you will find him on long rides.



Aarati loves illustrations. We reach to her for all our sketches, illustrations and graphic designing. She loves ART and that truly reflects in her name:)

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