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Adding flavorful spice to Dave Masale's online persona

In order to compete with national players, Dave Masala, a regional player who has been a leader in the masala category since 1932, decided to step up his game. It want to be felt in the virtual environment.

We were given the duty of designing and creating a cutting-edge website, with the added necessity of integrating scroll animations to keep users’ attention in the virtual environment. We also wanted to incorporate a social wall on the website to maintain an active and engaging homepage, taking into account the brand’s dynamic social timeline.

The goal of our straightforward strategy was to create a website that would differentiate itself from its local rivals. While keeping the visual style incredibly contemporary and dynamic, we developed the website to build brand authenticity.

We came up with a simple way for visitors to the website to check out the many brand categories right on the homepage. We customised the “Instagram” wall and integrated it into the website, which is assisting the business in maintaining the content on the homepage. It aids brands in advertising their social media accounts. Overall, we created an integrated system to ensure brand security and a dynamic front end design to provide visitors with a rich experience.


Experience the website:- https://davemasala.com/

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